December 5, 2019

Ashford International Truckstop to be largest in Europe

Ashford International Truckstop to be largest in Europe
GSE Property Group
GSE Developments has set their sights on building the largest truckstop in Europe and work is underway.

Situated in the GSE Group Development Waterbrook Park, the award-winning truckstop will be expanded to securely park 600 lorries a night.

The demand on the existing truckstop has meant that currently approximately 600 lorries are being turned away each week, which has led to unlawful overnight parking in and around the local community.

The new, improved and much larger truckstop will offer a secure place for drivers to stay as well as providing them with catering services, toilets, showers, gym and a recreational area all on the ground floor. The first floor will house modern offices offering a workplace for local businesses.

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