November 18, 2019

The Chapel Down Curious Brewery

The Chapel Down Curious Brewery
GSE Building & Civil Engineering Ltd
GSE Building and Civil Engineering Ltd completed all of the foundations, groundworks and landscaping for the Curious Brewery in Ashford, Kent.

As part of our work we created an Artic Turntable which enabled the gas lorries to have easy access onto and off the site as they were able to be rotated 360°.

An unusual element to this project was that we had to reinforce the ground upon which the brewing tanks were to sit on. We did this by using the Cordek Filcor system. This was then covered with reinforced concrete to make this suitable for holding the large brewing tanks.

Other factors of concern with this location were the Ashford to London rail route which had to be taken into consideration with construction works being in such close proximity.

We were very proud to be part of the Curious Brewery journey, as a client they also supply the GSE Group owned Hythe Imperial hotel and Marquis of Granby pub and hotel with the curious brew brand.